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How Changes in Enrollment Impact Financial Aid Eligibility

Changes in enrollment status and/or withdrawing from Walters State may result in a balance owed to the college and a loss of aid eligibility for subsequent terms.

General Effects on Financial Aid

  • The census date for financial aid purposes has been established as the 14th day of the term. Changes in enrollment status due to the adding or dropping of courses will result in your award being adjusted through the 14th day of the term. Aid cannot be adjusted due to overrides or adding of courses on or after the date. (Summer term may be treated differently since it is comprised of mini sessions. Contact the Financial Aid Office for specific details on summer terms.)
  • Students must be in attendance at least 60% of the semester to earn 100% of their aid. Any student who totally withdraws or stops attending all classes prior to the 60% point will have his/her aid adjusted for the semester. This may result in a balance owed to Walters State.
  • Any student who is reported as never attended by an instructor in any classes will have his/her financial aid adjusted to the number of hours actually attended. This may result in funds being owed to Walters State and federal government.
  • Students who completely withdraw from Walters State or earn zero hours for the current term will be placed on financial aid removal for the next term enrolled.

Effects on the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship

  • Students who totally withdraw from Walters State during the first 14 days will have their Lottery Scholarship(s) cancelled for that semester. If this is the student's first time enrolling, they may retain eligibility for the Lottery scholarship if they continue to meet eligibility requirements and re-enroll within 16 months from their high school graduation date. However, students who have previously been enrolled will lose their Lottery eligibility due to non-continuous enrollment.
  • Students who totally withdraw from Walters State after the first 14 days of a semester will permanently lose future eligibility for their lottery scholarship(s).
  • Any student who is enrolled as a full-time student, 12 or more hours, and drops below 12 hours after the first 14 days of a semester will not have adjustments made to their lottery award(s) for the current semester. The student will, however, lose future eligibility for their lottery scholarship(s) unless they submit an appeal to withdraw from class(s) and it has been approved by the Walters State Financial Aid Office.

Contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss specific details regarding your lottery scholarship.

Always contact the Financial Aid Office before you make any decisions to drop classes or withdraw from Walters State.