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All programs are on Wednesday, starting at 12:40 p.m. in the Student Services Building Lyceum for International Education. Most programs run about an hour in length.

Fall Semester 2014 Schedule
12:45 pm in the Lyceum for International Education SSB

yellow ticket eventAll programs are on Wednesday, starting at 12:45 pm in the Student Services Building Lyceum for International Education for about an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less

Sponsored by the International Education Fee
A Global Connections Yellow Ticket Event

Events Will be Video Streamed to the Following

Greeneville / Greene County
WSGC 100
Sevier County
ACAD 143
Claiborne County
WSCE 080


Moved to MBSS 223
Documentary – Megaship: OOCL Atlanta
Climb aboard the cargo ship OOCL Atlanta as she journeys from Hong Kong to Singapore. How does a minimal crew keep this 1,000ft-long vessel afloat in treacherous seas? On board the captain has precious cargo worth millions of dollars, cleverly loaded in over 8000 containers, which he must deliver to their eager owners, intact and on time.
(47 minutes)
Travel Opportunities with WSCC – International and Domestic
Visit Nashville, Atlanta, Washington DC and many foreign countries. Learn more about opportunities to travel as a Walters State student.
Constitution Day presentations
by Dr. Darrell McGhee in Morristown, Dr. Timothy Holder in Sevierville, Mr. Larry Smith in Greeneville and Mr. Jim Welch in Claiborne.
All will be video streamed to the other three campuses.
Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence presentation
by Officer Jackie Hickey of the Morristown Police Department


"Drug Addicted Babies: More Regulation Needed"
Health and Medicine as Frontiers – An audience participation event with WSCC Debate Team and Phi Theta Kappa will present the arguments:

Should the United States Federal Government provide more access for combatting fetal drug addiction?

Is expanding the resources and infrastructure to help solve the issues of fetal drug addicted babies better than the status quo?
Got Consent?
How to make sure you have the information you need to have a safe and healthy relationship
Documentary – "The Man Who Saved the World"
A 54 minute documentary about the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962 from the PBS series Secrets of the Dead
(54 min)
Melissa Hite will share her yoga and meditation skills with an added sense of joy and humor.
Brittany Pollard from Helen Ross McNabb will provide prevention education about sexually transmitted diseases.


"Native Americans and Mental Health Care"
Health and Medicine as Frontiers – An audience participation event with WSCC Debate Team and Phi Theta Kappa will present the arguments:

Ethics of providing mental health care on reservations

Ethics of Government sponsored assistance

Ethics of the Government's authority on Tribal Lands
No Program
Day before Thanksgiving


"Physician Assisted Suicide: Why the Process Should be Legal"
Health and Medicine as Frontiers – An audience participation event with WSCC Debate Team and Phi Theta Kappa will present the arguments:

The US Federal Government should legalize Physician Assisted Suicide and Death with Dignity Act

Death with Dignity Act has spawned the need to discuss the ethics of physician assisted suicide and its role in modern medicine/ethics