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Monday February 27, 2017

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Enjoy a Free Showing of "Psycho" on the Big Screen
October 11, 2012

Enjoy free movie Friday Oct. 19 with Alfred Hitchcock’s original “Psycho” starring Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins. The movie starts at 7 p.m. in the International Lyceum on the Morristown campus. Everyone is invited. 
This movie, known for its terrifying shower scene, earned Hitchcock a best director Oscar and Leigh an Oscar for best supporting actress.  “Psycho” is considered a classic and was included on many lists of the greatest movies of the last century. This is a rare chance to see the original film as Hitchcock intended – on the big screen.
“Psycho” was originally rated as “acceptable” in the 1960 rating scheme. Today, it is rated R and that rating will be enforced at this viewing. Children under 17 will not be admitted without a parent or adult guardian. The movie has violence, sexual scenes and adult situations. 
Here’s some “Psycho” trivia: the movie is loosely based on real life, with Hitchcock being inspired by the Wisconsin murderer Ed Gein.