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Computer Clinic Planned for Dec. 1
November 20, 2012

Walters State’s Division of Technical Education invites area residents to take advantage of the third annual Computer Clinic from 9 a.m.-noon on Saturday, Dec. 1. The clinic is held in the first floor of the R. Jack Fishman Library on the Morristown campus. 

The Computer Clinic connects the college’s computer and information science students with members of the public who are having problems with personal laptops. Students will also be able to advise people on what specifics to look for in a new computer based on individual needs. 

With professors standing by, students will look into software problems, do some trouble-shooting, and make recommendations. The college will also have iPads available for people who want to use one.  

“As far as repairs, students won’t be opening the case to actually work on the inside, but students will be able to look at it from a programming standpoint. For example, students will check to see if virus software is current. If not, a free anti-virus program will be installed,” said Julia Bell, associate professor of computer and information sciences and coordinator of the event.

Students will also be able to explain programs that the computer user does not understand and offer tips on getting the most out of a computer. 
Bell started the Computer Clinic when she read that many people only use one percent of a computer’s capacity. 

“We want to show people everything a computer can do. Perhaps someone hasn’t had a computer long and would like to learn how to upload or download photographs. This is also a good opportunity for someone planning to give a computer for Christmas. We can find out what the computer will be used for and make recommendations as to the system requirements,” Bell said.

Students can also load new software for computer owners.

Services are free to the public. Students, though, are paid with valuable experience.

“This event gives our students confidence in their computer skills and valuable customer service experience,” Bell explained.

While students in one area will be working with individuals, students in another area will be showing the most popular iPad applications and explaining social media to groups. Forty-two students will be participating. 

Reservations are not required for the event. If you have questions, please call Bell at (423) 585-2666.