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Walters State's PTK Chapter Named to Top List
October 17, 2013

The Walters State Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa has been named one of the top 100 chapters out of 1,285 nationwide. Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for community college students. 

While Walters State’s Alpha Beta Iota Chapter has received many awards from the International Phi Theta Kappa organization, this is the first time the chapter has been named to the list.  

“Phi Theta Kappa is one of the most active organizations on our campus. Involved students do excellent work in many areas, including service and scholarship. Phi Theta Kappa members have a meaningful impact on our campuses and in our communities,” said Dr. Wade B. McCamey, president of Walters State.

“Especially important are projects undertaken to educate all students on the importance of completing their degrees and to increase financial literacy. 

“This award reflects positively on chapter advisors Dr. Lisa Eccles and Dr. Viki Rouse. Both readily assist students with club projects while also serving as mentors and role models for some of the college’s most academically talented students,” McCamey added. 

Eccles, associate professor of biology, and Rouse, associate professor of English, guide group leaders each year as chapter advisors. Much of the leadership and organization, though, actually comes from the students.

“I am so proud of our officers and our students. They worked so hard to earn this,” said Rouse. 

Rouse said the club took on major projects during the past year. The organization’s chapter continued the International Chapter’s “Commit to Complete” challenge, educating students on the benefit of completing their degree or certificate program. The club’s Honors in Action Project brought middle school students from across the service area to Walters State’s Morristown campus for a night of science and chemistry experience.

“Many students join Phi Theta Kappa because it opens a multitude of scholarship opportunities for those who will transfer to four-year institutions. We always have a group of very active members. These students give so much to the organization. In return, students build a support system of fellow members and advisors that will be available for life. Students also have the chance to develop better leadership skills,” Rouse explained. 

In the picture: Walters State’s Phi Theta Kappa Chapter has been chosen as one of the top 100 in the country. Chase Grisham, seated left, accepts the certificate from Dr. Wade McCamey, president of the college. Grisham is the chapter’s vice president for service. Standing are advisors Dr. Lisa Eccles, associate professor of biology; Viki Rouse, associate professor of English; and Dr. Lori Campbell, vice president for academic affairs at the college.